Outlook 2016 cached mode global address book not updating

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Outlook 2016 cached mode global address book not updating - whitby ontario dating

The mailbox databases are currently active on E15MB2.

Although a Database Availability Group can provide high availability for the databases hosted on the Mailbox servers, the Client Access server needs to be considered separately for HA.

Eventually Outlook may autodiscover other available Client Access servers in the site and connect to one of them, but it is not an ideal user experience.

To improve this situation we need to look at the Outlook Anywhere configuration for the Client Access servers.

You’ll be able to tell it has taken effect when an Outlook autoconfiguration test returns the new value for Exchange HTTP.

After waiting a while and then restarting Outlook the client is connecting to the newly configured namespace.

At the moment each of the servers is configured with their own name as the internal host name for Outlook Anywhere, which is the default.

Get-Client Access Server | Get-Outlook Anywhere | select identity,*hostname Identity : E15MB1Rpc (Default Web Site) External Hostname : Internal Hostname : e15mb1.exchange2013Identity : E15MB2Rpc (Default Web Site) External Hostname : Internal Hostname : e15mb2.exchange2013We can configure a single namespace for these instead of the unique server FQDN for each.If you’re not already familiar with Outlook Anywhere from previous versions of Exchange it is the service that provides RPC/MAPI connectivity for Outlook clients over HTTP or HTTPS.While this was typically only used for remote/external access in the past, architectural changes in Exchange 2013 mean that all Outlook connectivity is via HTTP/HTTPS even for internal clients.Note that when configuring the Internal Host Name you also need to set the Internal Clients Require SSL option as well.To keep this example simple I am not requiring SSL for internal clients.Here is a general demonstration of configuring high availability for Exchange 2013 Client Access servers.

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