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He was an excellent soldier and might be the best general America had ever had but he was also blamed for the remarkable blunders which cost lives.

It was the first time Mac Arthur has set foot in Philippine soil since he promised "I shall return" before evacuating Corregidor Island for Australia.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Whenever we hear the name General Douglas Mac Arthur, the first thing that comes to our mind was the promise he made after he was forced to leave the Philippines in 1942 which is the famous “I shall return”.Mac Arthur’s determination to fulfill this vow was again presented when he argued during a meeting with President Roosevelt at Pearl Harbor on July 27, 1944 that it was a moral obligation of the US to free the Philippines from Japanese oppression as soon as possible.Mac Arthur began planning the fulfillment of his promise in 1942 Right after he was appointed as Commander-in-Chief of the South-West Pacific Area in April 1942, Gen.It was on September 2, 1945 that Mac Arthur officially accepted Japan’s surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

So why was the Philippine Island so close to General Mac Arthur’s heart? After graduating first in his class in 1903 with the highest scholastic average at the academy earning 2,424.2 points out of a maximum of 2,470, (only two other cadets in West Point history had matched Mac Arthur’s 98.14% performance) the young Lieutenant sailed to the Philippines for his first military assignment.His tour of duty was cut short when he contracted malaria and dhobi itch during a survey at Bataan in October 1904. Mac Arthur became a Defense Advisor to the Philippine government after retiring from United States Army in 1937.His job was to advise the Philippine government under the President Manuel L.But whatever his reason behind pushing the idea of taking back the Philippines we all should be grateful for his efforts to liberate us and in a way change the history of the whole world.We should also honor not only the soldiers but everyone who helped during the World War II in whatever way they could just like the brave Boy Scout from Tolosa who risked his own life to save the lives of the civilians in his hometown.Mac Arthur began to plan his return and taking back Philippines from the Japanese but due to the progress of the war, he was not able to put this plan into action until 1944.

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