Pandigital firmware not updating

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Pandigital firmware not updating - shotgundating com

The Pandigital Novel does not come with support for the Google Android Market, so finding new apps is hard.

If you decide to side load in any alternative ebook stores, the back and forward button do not turn pages, instead it closed the application.

With the stock unit that you purchase, you are pretty well locked into the content system that comes bundled with your device, but it is possible to load in alternative applications.

We have provided a list below that will allow you to manually load into your Pandigital e-reader via the direct Android APK’s.

You can also setup your own wallpapers and picture galleries, provided your images are in JPEG, BMP, GIF or PNG.

One of the big drawbacks, is unlike the Archos line of e-Readers/Tablets Pandigital does not have an app store of note, so many first time users will find that there is NO options to load in more applications such as; Twitter, Kindle, MSN Messsenger, e Buddy and many more popular applications.

Both models via the respected ebook retailer bundles have access to Newspapers, magazines and ebooks.

The Pandigital Novel 9 inch is of course a full color device, so magazines really shine.

Interacting with the device uses sweeps with the Stylus or with your finger, to browse menus, open up applications and so on.

The one thing that irked us is if you want to turn pages of ebooks with your sweeps, be prepared to sweep, and sweep again with nothing happening.

We just got our hands on the newest edition to the Pandigital e-Reader and Tablet PC line with the Pandigital Novel 9 inch e-reader.

Considering some of the woes the first Pandigital model had, with recalls and firmware troubles, can the new one be solid right out of the box?

Internet connectivity is limited to WI-FI only, but it can connect to Public and Private networks.

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