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Instead, he preferred to hang out in Palm Beach with his cronies and rich people, playing golf and doing whatever.Oddly, one of the few times he lived for a period with his children was when he moved the whole family to London during his ambassadorship.

Joe often wrote Rose longing, emotive letters, even as they rarely spent much time together. Kennedy's best-known mistress, Swanson, resented that Kennedy profited from their association while she fell into financial ruin, for which she never forgave him.

), while Kennedy made peace with his daughter's "rebellion" (soon after which, tragically, Kick died with her husband in a plane crash).

Throughout these events and others, Kennedy maintained a positive -- even a loving -- relationship with Rose.

Joe made his first fortune (followed by stocks and booze) in Hollywood films, where he repaired to screw starlets and secretaries -- and silent screen star Gloria Swanson.

Kennedy's affair with Swanson, in which they also worked together, ended badly.

Mr Kennedy, a son of the late Senator Edward Kennedy and nephew of the assassinated President John F.

Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy, revealed 2007 decision of Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island in an interview.You can see where that would leave a bad taste -- on top of which, Kennedy's battles with Jewish commentators and public figures in response to his isolationism comes awfully close to anti-Semitism.Okay, now that we've gotten some big negatives out of the way, Kennedy's isolationism continued in the anti-communism era, which has come to make him look like something of a seer.But this post is about Kennedy's family and love life.Although Kennedy paid detailed attention to each of his children -- advising, admonishing, supporting each according to his or her needs -- he was only occasionally in the same place as they were.Throughout this period and later, Kennedy maintained a trusting relationship with Luce in which he often sought her advice and help.

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