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All students irrespective of whether they apply directly or through the NOP programme are evaluated on the same admission criteria.While assessing financial need, a review committee ensures transparency in the process of awarding scholarships to all those who qualify for admission to LUMS.

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There are no separate seats/quota for students based on region, ethnicity and/or extra-curricular activities.

· At least 80% marks in Matric or equivalent in O-Levels · Financial need The students shortlisted on the above criteria are invited to NOP summer coaching session, whereby they are examined through different exercises and tests.

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Apply to NOP while you are in the first year of Intermediate or A-Levels.

Students attending the coaching session in 2017 will be able to join LUMS in 2018.

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· Students hoping for NOP scholarship apply for admission to LUMS along with other regular students.

· Students take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

· The NOP team visits schools/colleges in various cities, towns and villages all over Pakistan to give presentations about the LUMS National Outreach Programme.

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