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It was a black and white world in the early days of the Republic and little or no thought was given to people of mixed race, especially if they looked "black.” “We were told ‘if you could pass for white, that's who you'd be; if not, it was usually better to be identified as black than Indian,’" recalls Executive Producer Steven Heape."It was this kind of thinking that later led to ‘pencil genocide’--changing one’s race on a birth certificate to fit the skin color of the child.” The stories of the Native Americans and African-Americans are actually parallel tracks of tragedy.

Ces derniers jours, des photos dans lesquelles on la voit toute nue vêtue d’une nuisette rose et montrant ses parties intimes ont été postées sur whatsapp et reprises par plusieurs sites."Black Indians: An American Story" offers an engrossing history lesson which celebrates a forgotten piece of the American mosaic.This documentary teaches an invaluable lesson in the value of ethnic pride and it pays beautiful tribute to brave Americans who kept alive their heritage in the face of unparalleled circumstances. This film should be required viewing for people of all races, ethnicity and mindframes Steven R. Heape - Executive Producer/Producer Chip Richie - Director/Producer James Earl Jones - Narrator Neville Brothers - Soundtrack Daniel Blake Smith - Screenwriter Howard Tyler - Editor Running Time 60 Minutes. While it would come as no surprise that black skinned men and women have been (and continue to be) treated in a humiliating manner by a predominantly white society, it comes as a sting to learn that African-American society also heaps excesses of ridicule on black Indians based on the hue of their skin and the blithe dismissal of their multicultural background with the misplaced notion that black people can only possess an Afrocentric heritage.

It comes as little comfort to learn that racism is not a one-way street originating in white neighborhoods, and it is to director Chip Richie's credit that the film addresses this shameful situation.This practice was also helpful in erasing official traces of native nations in the late 19th century--mixed race Indians were not considered pure blooded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and several tribes were declared extinct even though they still lived in the persons of black Indians whose native heritage was not recognized by the government.By the time that civil rights and Native rights movements in the 1960s roared into the national forefront, the story of the black Indians was virtually forgotten except as family histories by those who shared the blended racial heritages.Quitte à pénétrer dans Youtube pour réécrire l'histoire...“Black Indians: An American Story” (as seen on ABC) brings to light a forgotten part of Americans past – the cultural and racial fusion of Native and African Americans."This film affirms to African Americans that it's OK to come to the surface and say, 'Yes, I'm part Indian. "My answer is very simple: I'm part Cherokee through my grandmother," Mr. "That is why I was particularly interested in the project." The Neville Brothers have been told all their lives that they have American Indian heritage.