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Allergic rhinitis is a condition that occurs when the immune system responds to a foreign substance called an allergen.

Other common causes of this type of cough are tuberculosis, asthma and bronchiectasis.

You can easily purchase mullein tea from any health store.

If you do not have access to mullein tea, you can easily prepare it at home by adding one teaspoon of dried mullein leaves to a cup of hot water and allow it to steep for at least 15 minutes. You can consume this tea two to three times each day to experience relief.

This infection is known to affect the pharynx and larynx, which are known to collectively make up the upper respiratory tract.

The common causes for an upper respiratory tract infection are common colds, sinusitis, otitis media and pharyngitis.

Bronchiectasis is a condition that is associated with the widening of airways, thereby resulting in permanent damage to them.

'The National Heart" Lung and Blood Institute' states that cysti, fibrosis is one of the most common causes of bronchiectasis in the United States.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute states that when pneumonia occurs, it causes the air sacs to be filled with fungi and viruses, thereby leading to inflammation, leading to the build-up of mucus and fluid in the airways.

Paroxysmal cough is a condition associated with uncontrollable coughing for long periods of time, resulting in a 'coughing fit'.

This condition is associated with inflammation of the airways as well as irritation of the nerve receptors of the airways.

This effect is known to cause the individual to cough excessively.

When it is accompanied by a persistent cough, it often indicates an infection in the respiratory tract.

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