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Ut£fttcretary rt ° f in,litution wil1 ** Mnt by post on application to VMMMJk M, TNTROI)I" its being an inhabitant of Bistonian Thrace. Its horns are pointed, and turned upwards, not out- wards ; hence it throws men and animals upright into the air. An epigram in the Anthology, attributed to bl poet Antipater (who lived about 100 B. Euston Road, near King's Crow.' Visitor* can at any time sec the Home. 51., illustrates at length the ancient custom of drinking from horns ; and he cites Theopompus as stating, in the 2nd book of his Philippica, that the kings of Pieonia, in whose dominions there were oxen with horns so large to hold 3 and 4 choes (9 and 12 quarts), them as drinking cups, with silver and gold rims round the mouth.

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4.) The Molossian oxen had very large horns, the shape of which was described by the historian Theo- pompus.

D.) Buffon re- marks that some of the species of ox have horns of great size : there was one (he says) in the Cabinet du Roi, 3£ feet in length, and 7 inches in diameter at the base ; he adds that several tra- vellers declare themselves to have seen horns which contained 15 and even 20 pints of fluid.

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Dallmeyer, j.\ OPTICIAN, Son-in-Law, and sole Successor in the Astronomical Telescope Department of the late MR.

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Besides the Pseonian bonasus or bison, other races of oxen are mentioned in antiquity as dis- tinguished by the size of their horns. 70.) says that the horns of Indian oxen are four feet in width.