Problems in dating relationships

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Problems in dating relationships

Honestly, I feel that men and women share a lot of the same issues, but just look at some of them differently and possibly rank them in a different order of importance.

[Click here to keep reading…] If you’ve read any of my articles or books you know I’m not a fan of rules when it comes to relationships.The no contact rule is exactly what it sounds like.After a breakup, you resolve to not contact your ex for a determined amount of time. When done right, the no contact rule can get you the exact relationship you’ve always wanted (and not always with your ex, sometimes you’ll be surprised where it takes you).You aren't going to find lots of relationship advice articles in that cover these things, but I am sure plenty of bartenders have heard guys griping about these issues over a few pints at night. here are the biggest relationship issues for men: #1 - Attraction This is always a hot-button issue after we've been in a relationship for awhile. Attraction levels can go down over time, but it's a two-way street.After a lot of the mystery is gone, so goes some of the attraction. It needs to be spontaneous, exciting, regular and fun.[Click here to keep reading…] One of the hardest relationship skills to master is recognizing when a relationship isn’t right and walking away. No one’s perfect, and maybe your expectations are unrealistic.

In theory this is easy, but in reality it can feel almost impossible. You can stay stuck in the wrong relationship for months, even years, sitting on the fence, unable to move in one direction or the other.

Few things are as frightening or nerve-wracking as a man needing space.

Maybe he comes right out and tells you he needs some space, or maybe you notice he’s backing away …

We feel like we can't always say what we want to say without starting a fight. Other times, after too many fights occur, we just start agreeing to avoid a fight.

Learning how to communicate well with our partner is always a huge issue because we can sometimes seem to be on a different wavelength.

#4 - Honesty This is another issue that goes both ways. That is why when you seem happy and content, we focus on other aspects of our lives, but when you seem unhappy, we give you much more focus. Just because a guy acts tough on the outside doesn't mean he isn't worried about a ton of stuff on the inside.