Rails update attributes not validating

03-Feb-2018 18:01 by 5 Comments

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@Peter, that's an interesting idea to only update if the existing record hasn't changed. I mean, setting an index for every column in a table will not do any good.

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I'd like to use this to replace the example in the #59 Optimistic Locking railscast, but I'm not having any luck in getting it to work. @Ryan, If you remember, there was an issue in episode 75 in which the Project.update_attributes was not calling the task_attributes= method (comments section Andrew).model, and these articles are first created as drafts. You want to be able to create and edit them right away, without needing a body, or even a title.But when you statements to do the checking yourself.I look at it as more of a performance improvement which can be applied if you have a model with BLOBs or index columns.I recommend making a post on the rails core mailing list about this if there isn't one already.To do this, add a condition to see if the attribute has changed before running the validation.

I was probably wrong about "performance issues" :-) I don't know how databases work in this situation.So if you have a model called Email Queue and a serialized attribute called "email" that stores a TMail object, and you try this: c = Email Queue.first c.= "new email body text" You will find that the change was not saved.Perhaps there is an easy way to add a :before_save callback that marks the serialized attribute as [email protected]: It is amazing to me how cool the rails community is.I have wondered over and over how Rails can have so many useful features... I am a little dubious as to the wisdom of having partial updates as a default, however.