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Communication You don’t have to talk all of the time, but you do have to keep in touch, especially about the things that are important to you or your relationship.A lack of communication can lead to feeling isolated or confused about your boyfriend or girlfriend’s feelings.

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Today’s modern family often consists of children living together who come from both the woman and man’s previous marriage.When people respect each other, they act supportive, fight fair, and listen to one another’s concerns.They also treat themselves with respect, and refuse to do things they’re not OK with.Try to spend some time with all children from both sides of the relationship together. This will build relationships between the children and yourselves, and help to create a sense of family for everyone.While your children might not think of your significant other as their parent, they can still have a deep respect and love for them over time.Feeling safe If you feel threatened in any way, you are not in a healthy relationship.

Feeling safe is both emotional and physical: you should feel that your boyfriend or girlfriend won’t try to hurt either your feelings or your body.Honesty Honest couples feel comfortable talking about things in the relationship, including any problems or concerns.Being afraid of talking to your partner or feeling pressured to talk about your deepest secrets are signs that your relationship is less than healthy.When things get stressful, lean on each other and try to be as open and honest as possible.Don’t hide the way your own kids are feeling, but instead, put it out on the table for your significant other to ponder and help you address it with your kids and his or her children.Don’t forget, part of good communication is checking in with the other person to find out what they think and feel, and listening when they have something to say.

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