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Sissy Spacek in Palm Springs, California, 1977I am such an admirer of Sissy Spacek as an actress, and I think I’ve captured something of her American down-to-earth cowgirl nature in this photograph, with her misty expression, checkered shirt, and sweater tied insouciantly around her waist.

Producers made the announcement this morning that the show’s final performance will be on June 4, 2017, after 21,552 performances.I threw my lunch up in the air and said, ‘I’m not going to stick my neck out for you again. So here we are: Humanity has evolved to the point where we have a dark, gritty-ish movie reboot of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” Amazingly, this project was announced well before reality turned into a funhouse cartoon.We’ve long been used to Hollywood’s disinterest in new ideas, or ideas that aren’t secretly connected to some bigger franchise.And he gave me the part.” (Duke went to Tom Skerritt.) It wasn’t always clear to the actors what Altman was doing. “He couldn’t see me or wouldn’t see me in the part,” Gould says.And that’s especially due to how little of the script’s dialogue was being used — which is to say almost none of it. But Picker stayed true to Gould and sought Altman instead. There’s a veritable April Fool’s Day Massacre coming up, with a number of beloved shows abruptly disappearing, forcing you to binge on — who knows? Maybe you need to finally get around to “Love” or “The Get Down”? Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, I mean, Scary Spice, I mean, Mel B., has filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years Stephen Belafonte. PEOPLE somehow got their hands on their divorce papers, where the date of separation is listed as Dec. Brown is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their 5-year-old daughter, Madison Brown Belafonte.Jordan chatted about the awards show, signing long-term for the Lakers, and played coy about those Kendall Jenner dating rumors.

In the 1970s, journalist and actress Carinthia West spent her spare time photographing her group of friends, which happened to include some of the era’s most famed actors, musicians, and comedians.For one scene, when they’re looking at X-rays while golfing with a helicopter in the background, they didn’t get what he was doing. “We were working out at the Fox ranch,” he remembers. At that point they were shooting ‘Beneath the Planet of the Apes.’ I thought it was amazing, that we’d be bussed through the ‘Planet of the Apes’ set to ‘M. The Bogdanovich version would have been very different. But of course, this could always be an elaborate April Fool’s Joke. The “America’s Got Talent” judge has also requested to terminate the court’s ability to award spousal support, because she is not...“I came from theater and a more conventional way of working,” he says. The script by Leigh Brackett, he says, was more like a pastiche, set at the time of the Raymond Carver novels. The man that The Daily Beast calls “Hollywood’s favorite stoner” has given up the good stuff. Jenny Slate is finally, FINALLY, opening up about her break up with Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Related: Chris Evans is back on the prowl, or whatever Slate, 34, and Evans, 35, met while playing love interests in “Gifted.” And as she tells Vulture, she hadn’t really expected to start a romance with the Marvel star.The production originally opened in 1960, telling a modern take on “Romeo and Juliet” in which the heroes fall in love — but then realize they aren’t willing to sacrifice themselves for a relationship and set off on their own adventures. The right suit can make all the difference when it comes to getting your next job.When you’re unemployed and short on cash, however, investing in a new wardrobe is the last thing on your mind.For the second year in a row, Brian Lipstein, president and founder of Henry A.