School girl rape vedita pakistan

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School girl rape vedita pakistan

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BTW, this also goes to show that over covering of women does not stop their rape, as is commonly believed in Muslim societies. On the other hand, we let these barabaric animals roam around freely, i wonder if this was done to the daughter of the elite class and how they would feel about it?

NOT HUMAN, They are Evil We need to developed strict women and child abuse law. These things are a result of our customary response of blaming everybody else, except ourselves, for the ills that inflict our culture.

In west according to law child and women are more power full than men power. Islam also teaches us very strict punishments on rapist, if we implement IA no one will have guts to do this mistake. We can never rid ourselves of such monsters until we realize that the monsters live among us, not outside our borders.

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This is one of the horrific reflections of disgust you have in Your society. @ghanshyam I think you don't read the western media.

Then you claim to be noble and worthy of God's blessings. Such incidents occur on daily basis in the so called civilized world.

There are plenty of sexual predators here, and not a single day goes by when some kid does not get raped and then murdered.

I do agree with you that people of subcontinent are sex starved and this leads to a lot of frustration on both sides and where neither side is capable of dealing with the other in a healthy manner.

I am appealing to PEMRA and media houses to please stop promoting obscenity on our electronic media.

It should have been the CM who should have taken notice way before the SC.

Reverting back to the natural system as ordained by our creator can save us from such heinous acts.