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In a less salubrious corner of the city, Littlefinger (terrific Aidan Gillen) threatened prostitute Ros (Esmé Bianco) for a poor performance.It seemed a little out of character from someone who so far has prided himself on subtlety, but it was horribly gripping watching him describe human lives in terms of investment and loss.

In a show that will be defined to a great extent by its labyrinthine plotlines and sprawling cast of characters, the series’ initial scenes are remarkably free of such minutiae.

The characters depicted are three Rangers of the Night’s Watch, although they are not identified as such at this early stage.

Not one member of this trio will live past the first fifteen minutes of the series, and only one is named in the episode’s dialogue.

Tonight it was the Iron Islands, where Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) thought he was returning to his family seat on Pyke, via some gratuitous sex on the boat over.

The fishing village he landed at seemed grim enough even before he discovered that the feisty dockside wench who gave him a lift home was in fact his sister, Yara (Gemma Whelan).

Last year we spent quite a long time in Winterfell, being introduced to the Starks before there was any true conflict.

This time around, Westeros is already like a bag full of blood-crazed, sex-fixated, Machiavellian ferrets.Game of Thrones (Sky Atlantic) certainly doesn’t suffer from a lack of characters. To go with the Starks, Targaryens, Lannisters and Baratheons we already know, the second series has thrown two new locations at us, each with their own casts.Even this review has eighteen named characters in it, and there are plenty I haven’t mentioned.The only storyline that is dragging slightly is across the Narrow Sea, where Dany (Emilia Clarke) and her band of Dothraki (and dragons) are dying in the desert, and not doing a lot else. All the other storylines are intelligent, gripping and brilliantly acted.I suspect that by the end of season two Game of Thrones will no longer be discussed in the context of its fantasy genre, and instead given its real due.The viewer is not meant to empathize deeply with the Rangers, but to watch in giddy terror as they are picked off by a powerful supernatural foe lurking in the forest.