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The player controls Zoey by using the D-pad or touch screen to walk or run.

Dares and challenges are randomly chosen from three games in the level.The series centers around Zoey Brooks as she enrolls in Pacific Coast Academy, a school that previously only allowed boys to attend.Throughout the series, Zoey and her friends navigate life as teenagers in a boarding school.Just as Chase is proposing to his current girlfriend Alyssa (Jamie Snow), Michael storms in and informs him of what Zoey said on her DVD from "Time Capsule".The DVD reveals that Zoey suspected Chase's crush on her at the time, even before she went to England, and at some point even thought about getting together with him as she considered him her soulmate, but didn't act on it until after she went to England.The jawbone has two fillings which prove the remains come from someone treated by Western dentists, he added.

Flynn, who worked as actor until covering the wars in Vietnam and Cambodia as a photographer, had a striking resemblance to his father who starred in swashbuckling roles in The Adventures of Robin Hood and Captain Blood.

Zoey researches around the national park, talks to the camping club about Native Americans, goes to the library to learn about the park and takes a quiz about a national park. It was also Nickelodeon's best performance for a series premiere (live action or animation) in almost eight years.

Jack De Vries of IGN gave the game a 3.5/10 and criticized the game's boring gameplay, bland music and sound, and awkward controls. The premiere of the episode "Goodbye Zoey" was the highest-rated live-action show ever on Nickelodeon, with over 7.3 million viewers.

jkdmedia reviewed the game for Game Zone on October 8, 2007 and gave the game a 2.8. The series finale "Chasing Zoey" was the highest-rated show on all of television for all kid demos, including teens 12-17, beating out American Idol.

A jaw and femur bone that could belong to Sean Flynn were unearthed from a suspected mass grave in Cambodia's central Kampong Cham province earlier this month and have been handed to the US embassy in Phnom Penh for testing.

But the Vietnam War photographer Tim Page, a friend of Flynn's who has searched for decades for his remains, said the bones could belong to a dozen journalists suspected to have been killed in the area.