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There's something going on in this small town and it might be hard to care because the victims are often homeless black men who live mostly in the shadows. But many served in the armed forces and lived good lives before they dropped out of society and wound up in bondage. That's what they use to basically control the people." Specifically, he found an overcrowded bunkhouse full of elderly, drug-addicted black men and one decrepit bathroom.Authorities have failed to stop a form of slavery that begins with indebtedness and sometimes doesn't end until a worker is dead. • • • Le Roy Smith drew the blinds closed in a room at the Comfort Inn near St. He lost his $50,000 a year job as a manager of a home finance company and began touring America via the best crack houses. Before he even arrived, the man in the driver's seat had loaned each of the 15 recruits in the van $10 for a bite to eat, on the condition they pay him back with 100 percent interest.

The thought that he was being bilked, that there was no way out until he paid his debt, angered him. "All there were was potato fields and asphalt roads. He got the impression everybody in town was connected by blood or business.

Evans, of nearby East Palatka, was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2007 for luring homeless laborers to his camp, giving them crack and alcohol from the company store and keeping them deep in debt.

His wife, Jequita, was sentenced to 15 years for conspiracy to distribute crack and structuring cash transactions to avoid financial reporting requirements.

Maps from the 1770s show a plantation on the banks of the St.

Johns River where a former British parliamentarian used 200 African slaves to farm his vast swath of fertile land.

"It sounds pretty good when a man hasn't got a job," he said. Hastings set way back away from everything." • • • On hot afternoons in Hastings, bent men slink into the shade of the carwash beside Taing's convenience store and laundry on Church Street.

But he, too, was indebted before he even arrived in Hastings on a Friday night. Add on for weekly food and rent, plus loans for snacks and alcohol during the week, plus paying a driver for each ride to town to buy supplies, and a 40-hour workweek at minimum wage wasn't enough to cover his first week's costs. They smoke generics and take quick pulls off bottles of Wild Turkey.

After the Civil War, loggers recruited workers with the promise of steady pay.

But once on the camp, black workers were stuck making as little as 8 cents for two weeks of work, after employers withdrew charges for room and board.

"It's hard to keep up with how it goes in a circle, but no money leaves that camp," he said. "Two thousand years and this s--- ain't changed," he said, gray hair poking out from under his ball cap. The traffic is light down Main Street, past boarded-up buildings and a few scattered churches and businesses.

He worked three years before he made his break from what workers called "the Island." He woke at 1 a.m. In the Potato Capital of Florida, where 14 percent of the town's families live under the poverty level, slavery is not new.

"I rolled down there expecting good things to happen, but they never did," Cooks said.