Sex dating in huntington oregon

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Sex dating in huntington oregon

The following year, he developed a radical shift in his political beliefs, becoming an ardent supporter of left-wing politics, and eventually registered as a Democrat in 1967.

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However, as Fancher had confessed to police he had taken the pills offered to him voluntarily and the officers had conducted the search without a warrant, no charges were filed.In 1964, Kraft began working as a bartender at a local Garden Grove cocktail lounge that catered to gay clientele; he was also known to regularly travel to Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach to have casual sex with hustlers.In an apparent tentative effort to announce his sexuality to his parents, Kraft took a succession of male "friends" to meet his family in the years he was enrolled at Claremont, although he was also known to occasionally date girls.By 1957, Kraft was deemed intelligent enough to attend accelerated classes at 17th Street Junior High School. and regularly attended demonstrations in favor of the Vietnam War and—in 1964—for the election of conservative presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.Kraft later declared these actions were merely a mimic of his parents' political views and not his own, describing his second year at Claremont as being when he abandoned the "last gasp" of his conservative ideology.Kraft was charged with—and convicted of—16 of these homicides, all of which had occurred between 19.

Many of Kraft's victims had been enlisted in the Marines, and most of his victims' bodies bore evidence of high levels of both alcohol and tranquilizers in their blood systems, indicating they had been rendered insensate before they had been abused and killed.Kraft's family ultimately accepted his sexuality, and he remained in close contact with his parents and siblings, although his siblings noted he began to "distance himself" from his family after he announced his sexuality to them.On July 26, 1969, Kraft received a general discharge from the Air Force after announcing his sexuality to his superiors.In response, Kraft invited the youth to accompany him to his apartment on the promise that Fancher could live with him.Fancher agreed and accompanied Kraft to his Belmont Shore apartment, where he was drugged and assaulted.In 1971, Kraft found new employment as a forklift truck driver in Huntington Beach.

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