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This concern is shared by Dr Meliala, who believes the closure of red-light districts could be premature.

Instead, they should focus on the crucial work necessary to develop a new criminal code that can help ensure all Indonesians have access to justice.Activists warn that a ruling to ban unmarried sex would not only make gay sex illegal in the country for the first time, it would turn the millions of couples who have only informal or ceremonial marriages into criminals."It's obvious this law will be a disaster, and women will be most affected," says a women's rights activist.At night, the streets surrounding the site are dotted with pimps and customers on motorcycles, while sex workers hide among the tombs as they wait for clients in the dark. “Here, it’s different from Gang Dolly, where hygiene could be guaranteed”, he says.“Not here.”A ‘DANGEROUS’ MOVEThe migration of prostitution to an underground market has raised concerns among some Indonesian authorities, who now fear the nationwide closure of red-light districts would bring new risks.“It’s dangerous,” said Rohana Manggala from the Jakarta AIDS Commission Secretariat.In hearings over the last few weeks, "expert" witnesses have testified that homosexuality represents a danger to Indonesia.

Poverty in Indonesia has driven a large number of women into its sex industry.The city is home to least 11,860 active female prostitutes, based on 2014 data from the Jakarta AIDS Commission.Of these, 3,435 ply their trade in the centre of the capital.This means the proposed law would threaten many more people with prosecution, and impose a much harsher punishment.Proponents of this law, who also seek to criminalize same-sex conduct, have taken their cause to the Constitutional Court.This measure could restrict handing out contraceptives to medical professionals and pharmacists, while barring other service providers and advocates for reproductive health and LGBT rights from even talking about contraception, including condom use.