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Sexchatting texts - Veb cam xxxporn

I have suffered huge embarrassment with my mobile provider and have been called by them "to discuss the usage on my mobile".

I spend most of my time in my room and not seeing or speaking to people.

I feel that I am at the end of my tether and I cannot cope for much longer in this way of life.

I dare not tell my parents due to the help they have given my and I would feel I have let them down in the extreme.

For about 12 years I have been suffering from an addiction to calling sex chat lines.

It started off slowly but has become a major problem that is causing huge issues in my life.

I just about manage to survive but its a struggle keeping my head above the water.

As well as financial issues I have have feelings of self-hate for what I do and as a result my confidence is at an all time low. Due to lack of money and confidence I never go out much and I get lonely and depressed.

I have been treated for depression for several years and am taking medication for it to control, but not remove, the symptoms.

I feel compelled to call these sex lines, from my mobile, and can spend hours at a time on them.

All my bills are paid on time and I do have a good credit score in spite of the debt. If I can stop I can use the £ hundreds saved to pay off more of the loan and to go out and socialize etc. With thanks D this is just another unwanted sexual behavior that many do struggle with but cant overcome no matter how much they try to.

The reason things liek this occur is because it became a habit and now your brain keeps this as a number 1 priority every time you feel aroused or bored etc.

I have not had suicidal thoughts but I do go to sleep hoping I wont wake up As well as this issue I also have an over-eating issue as I use food the make myself feel better when I cant make any calls.

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