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Reid identified Peachland’s roost as a maternity colony, which means it is comprised mostly of breeding females, underproductive females, which are yearlings, and juveniles.Reid says “Typically, males will roost in smaller bachelor roosts separate from the females but this roost (in the attic) is so big there could be male groups roosting there as well.

If you require medical assistance, we will immediately call your local EMT or EMS to get help fast.

Bats are a protected species and are now considered valuable mammals in the eco system.

They can eat up to three quarters of their body weight in insects each night and mosquitoes are their choice of diet in Peachland, thus explaining why Peachland is virtually mosquito free.

How far from the Medical Alert Console can I be heard?

The base unit or the console is equipped with a very sensitive speaker and microphone.

You can even have your key hidden somewhere safe and like a lockbox where the EMS can find it—tell us its location and we will relay this information to the EMS.

When all else fails, the EMS can simply break into your house. The pendant is small and lightweight, and can easily be worn around the neck or the wrist. The console on the other hand, is just like an average telephone and can easily sit on any table. The pendant or panic button is designed to be firmly pressed so false alarms can be prevented.You can get an almost instantaneous response after pressing your panic button.It only takes 15-30 seconds for the center to recognize your call and begin a conversation with you to find out how we can help you. Neighbors, family, friends or your security could have a key.Alternatively, you can ask about speaker pendants and remote speakers. You can ask about applicable services if you want protection even when you're away from home. Not only does the system have a sensitive microphone and speaker, special units are also available for those who have hearing impairment. There are special units and equipment that are designed to work with specific types of phones. Do I need a special jack to install the Medical Alarm? Everything you need is included so installation can be as simple. How do I get my unit fixed if something goes wrong?These units are amplified, and even when the client does not respond, a call for help will always be assumed as an emergency, and help will be sent immediately. If by any case your unit gets damaged, or does not work properly, you can call the toll free hotline and we will teach you how to troubleshoot the unit over the phone.In an average home, you can talk to us regardless of which room you are in. All you need to do is plug the system in like you would an answering machine.