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I think volunteering and being a good helpful person to the community would be your best bet of finding a noble character who you can one day marry. Sadly, working 13 hours a day and living 30 min from Boise, my best bet is a bar or a meetup group, which in Boise attracts mostly older 40 people.

Basically a "tough single scene" places are those that are generally more conservative with an early age of FIRST marriage.

Running and chasing a serious-relationship/marriage in Boise is exhausting and most likely won't hold great rewards.

Considering the statistics of divorcees/single-mothers/fathers/remarriages around here, I would say there might be better places to devote such effort.

She was religious (or so she claimed) and bragged about being able to have sex with her husband and became pregnant during her senior year.

After that I never saw her again but would be willing to bet money that she is either divorced or stuck in a very unhappy marriage due to the age and the maturity involved in such a decision.

Coming from a religious background myself, I don't really condone divorce in the first place, although I understand why people do it.

Another fear I have is, if it didn't work out with the last guy, even though she mothered his child, why would it work out with me?

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I know the cultural norm is to think the guy is the villain and the woman the victim, but I don't always think what everyone else thinks.

Speaking as someone happily maried, part of growing up in realizing that this is the sort of relationship that actually works and has meaning and depth.

Portland is a heathen type of city, where short-flings, one-night stands and multiple-BF/GF relationships are the norm.

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    Their relationship, long the subject of an inquisition by the media, has now become carrion.