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An example of this is Symphonic Rain, where the player is required to play a musical instrument of some sort, and attain a good score in order to advance.Usually such an element is related as a plot device in the game.

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Here, Scarlett Johansson (left) and Kim Kardashian (right) wear eye-catching red dresses on the red carpet Psychologists at Central China Normal University, in Wuhan, China, showed 280 heterosexual students 32 pictures of the opposite sex and asked them to rate them according to how attractive they found them.‘The colour red was shown to have a boosting effect on the sexual attractiveness of women with feminine facial traits,’ lead author Dr Fangfang Wen wrote in the study, published in the journal, Evolutionary Psychology.Visual novels and ADVs are especially prevalent in Japan, where they made up nearly 70% of the PC game titles released in 2006.Visual novels are often produced for video game consoles, and the more popular games have occasionally been ported to such systems.As the name might suggest, they resemble mixed-media novels.Sound novels and kinetic novels are types of visual novels, although visual novels have its own distinction between the others.Non-linear branching storylines are a common trend in visual novels, which frequently use multiple branching storylines to achieve multiple different endings, allowing non-linear freedom of choice along the way.

Decision points within a visual novel often present players with the option of altering the course of events during the game, leading to many different possible outcomes.

Another improvement is having hidden decision points that are automatically determined based on the player's past decisions.

In Fate/stay night, for example, the way the player character behaved towards non-player characters during the course of the game affects the way they react to the player character in later scenes, such as whether or not they choose to help in life-or-death situations.

The branching path stories found in visual novels represent an evolution of the Choose Your Own Adventure concept.

The digital medium allows significant improvements, such as being able to fully explore multiple aspects and perspectives of a story.

Often, the protagonist is left unvoiced, even when the rest of the characters are fully voiced.

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