Silent dating auction

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Silent dating auction - gay dating in houston

One of the biggest challenges in holding an auction comes at the end, when you need to collect payment and unite the bidders with their goods.The idea is that people show their bidder number, confirm what they owe after being given an electronically calculated total, pick up their items, and leave.

It should also be well-lit, convenient for your likely attendees, and otherwise in keeping with the intended mood of the event.Many nonprofits choose to hold auctions in the fall, for people beginning to buy holiday gifts but not yet in a state of shopping fatigue.Weekend evenings are generally best, so that guests won’t mind staying late.Charity auctions tend to attract members of your group more than the world at large, so to make it a success, send members Save the Date emails as soon as you’ve got the basic date, time, and place worked out—up to five months beforehand.Follow those with printed invitations, from 60 to 90 days before the event.Your auction should have something for every type of audience member.

Popular items include tickets for travel, recreation, and sports; celebrity and sports memorabilia; gift certificates for dining, culture, and entertainment; health and beauty products and services (spa gift certificates are popular); arts and crafts and home décor; electronics; professional services; internships for young people; gifts for children; and packages or unique experiences combining any of the above.

But don’t underestimate the work involved ahead of time.

You’ll need to start planning around five to eight months ahead of time, and take care of the preparatory steps described below.

If there’s a reason to choose a weekday, consider starting early, such as at . If you’ve already got a location in mind, perhaps your school’s auditorium or board member’s extra-large living room, great, If not, this is one of the earliest details you’ll need to take care of, both to make sure the venue is available, and so you can announce it in any “Save the Date” notifications or on your website.

Location is a major factor in the success of your event.

If you’re lucky, your invitations alone will be enough to lure people to your event—but additional promotion may be necessary.

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