Simple updating for a web page

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On the Twitter web page, just go to the cog menu icon, then Settings Create New.By default it'll set it to the currently logged-in account, but you can change this to whatever you like. Once you've entered the details and hit Create, the appropriate code will be displayed below the preview.

Not all browsers recognise these, so it will appear slightly different on different platforms.

For our Linux Voice website, we'll add a widget that grabs the Linux Voice Twitter feed.

You can create Twitter widgets for any Twitter account.

It's so simple, anyone with a text editor can knock up a simple web page with text, pictures, and links to other sites.

This simplicity gives the web the potential to grow to encompass almost the whole of humanity.

However, its original developers intended it for content that doesn't change very often.

Every change to a page of HTML needs the file to be modified and resaved, which is fine for some purposes; but sometimes you need something a little more dynamic.This article was originaly published in Linux Voice, issue 1, April 2014.This issue is now available under a Creative Commons BY-SA license.Other times you may find that you want more control over how the content is displayed, or even the ability to process it before putting it on the screen.Another risk in putting content from other places on your website is that they could maliciously alter your page using Java Script.To start with, you'll need to make sure you have the appropriate Python modules installed.