Software updating utility

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Dell offers several tools for its computer users, including the Dell Support Center software to help you keep your Dell running smoothly.

There is no additional hardware needed and the unit does not need to be updated by a dealer or service center.Dell Update is a small tool automatically updates critical fixes and important device drivers when they become available.This tool will offer you only those drivers that are required for your computer.We have already seen how to make Windows download Drivers & realistic Icons automatically from the Microsoft website.Now let us see how you can automatically download or update Dell Drivers directly from the Dell website.If you would like a shortcut on your desktop, check the box during the installation process and it will be created automatically.

After installation, the Tracker3 Utility is ready to use.

In case Windows is not configured to automatically download the drivers, you will be required to approve the installation of the driver files.

The downloaded software installer will install the Tracker3 Utility software on the selected folder.

To use the Current Version and Self-Test features, the unit must have version 3.3 firmware installed.

To upgrade the firmware on your Tracker3: The version of firmware to be loaded is dependent on the version of the Tracker3 Utility software.

Carefully go through the list and select the one’s you want to install.