Sophos console not updating

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Sophos console not updating

The Uof R has licensed Sophos Antivirus for Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/7/10, and OS X systems (10.6 and above) to be available for use on University owned equipment, including Evergreen machines, Evergreen opt-out equipment, machines purchased with APEA funds or any other Windows or Macintosh systems purchased with University funds.

Windows 98 users should see the note under the system requirements section.

This guide can be found on the download page of the Computing Services website.

Additionally, the user manual for Sophos Anti Virus is installed with the product and can be viewed via the Help menu item from within the SAV program.

Users should not attempt to contact Sophos directly.

Please note that SAV is only considered to be a supported application when run on a supported operating system as documented in the officially supported software platforms list.

Please refer to the Computing Services PC Support Policy and the Computing Services Service Pricing page for more information.

Computing Services recognizes that users may choose to continue operating Win9X based systems on campus and choose to continue using Win9X systems for connecting to University computing resources from remote locations despite the fact that neither Computing Services nor Microsoft supports these systems anymore.

Part of the licensing agreement requires that the Uof R have reasonable controls in place to ensure that only authorized people use this product.

Re-distribution of the installer or other licensed Sophos files electronically or via physical media (such as recordable CDs) is not allowed.

The Sophos Auto Update component is used to check for updates to the Sophos Antivirus program and, when updates are available, download and install them.

Additionally, when the initial install of the Sophos Antivirus product is performed, the Auto Update component is loaded on the computer and the Auto Update component becomes responsible for loading the SAV component.

For those systems that do not meet the licensing requirements we suggest using Microsoft Security Essentials.

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