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Hunters aim to kill werewolves with crossbows and guns, sometimes hitting their mark and leaving wounds.The characters' transformations are intense, showing them with teeth bared and eyes yellow in menacing glares.

Guys are often shown shirtless, and girls' naked backsides can be seen from the waist up.In his case, the change also boosts his popularity and affords him the spoils of being the school's star athlete, which raises questions about the nature of social identity and self-esteem among teens.At its most basic, this story is one of underdog redemption, lending itself to discussions about heroes and the impact their personal flaws have on their right to that title.Some adults come across as the teens' enemies, including a tough-talking coach and the hunters who track the werewolves.Bloody corpses and intense battles (although they're brief and mostly obscured) between werewolves and humans.He relies on the support and advice of a good friend, who serves as a confidante and keeps his secret.

The story also touches on social themes like fitting in with peers, self-confidence, and healthy relationships, and it has some feel-good messages about people's ability to overcome underdog status.Most of the violence is implied, but there are some scenes of bloody corpses (said to be victims of unprovoked werewolf attacks) and exchanges between humans and the beasts are obscured but still intense.There's a smattering of language ("hell" and "ass," for instance) from teens and adults alike, and the requisite teen romances occasionally turn physical (a couple necks at a party, and a teen sneaks a peek at a girl's bare back when she changes shirts), but none of it is off the radar for the show's teen viewers.On a positive note, the show centers on a well-adjusted teen who relies on friends to help him cope with difficult circumstances and who engages in a romantic relationship that's based on respect and mutual admiration." /Viewers see how a teen copes with a life-altering change that's a danger to those around him.The show is clearly trying to cash in on tweens' and teens' -inspired appetite for mythological monsters and forbidden love, but it offers some substantial content alongside the teen angst.