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Oliveri is not expected to return to a band as a full member.

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Durst contacted Scantlin and brought him to Los Angeles to put together a new band which consisted of bassist Doug Ardito, guitarist Paul Phillips and drummer Greg Upchurch.

Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Brett Scallions was added to the the band in 1993 and they changed the band name to Fuel.

Fuel's first LP (2003) didn't live up to expectations drummer Kevin Miller was fired in 2004 and Brett Scallions quit in 2006.

This leaves Axl Rose as the only original GNR member.

Rose took 14 years to release 2008's The last tour of the original four members of The Smashing Pumpkins was "The Arising" tour in 1999.

Bassist/backup singer Craig Montoya joined the band shortly thereafter.

In 1994 drummer Greg Eklund solidified Everclear's most successful line-up recording the band's 1995 breakthough album featuring the smash hit "Santa Monica".This classic lineup recorded five LP's together until 2003 when Montoya and Eklund both left the band.Alexakis has continued Everclear with different lineups featuring over 18 different studio and touring musicians since 2003.On December 2, 2000 The Smashing Pumpkins disbanded after playing The Metro in Chicago with bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole, solo artist) filling in for original bassist D' Arcy Wretsky who left the group in September 1999.In 2007 The Smashing Pumpkins reconvened for the album and tour with drummer Jimmy Chamberlain as the only original member besides Corgan on board.After that album's tour the band split up with Meeks forming a new band and keeping the Days of the New name.