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Draw your navel in toward your spine, shoulders back and down, chest lifted.Bend your legs, lowering hips as if sitting in a chair; keep knees over ankles (shown).

Crane doesn't think these tales will ever disappear.

Without rotating hips or shoulders, sweep your left leg out to the side.

Return to starting position, complete 2 repetitions, then switch sides. Strengthens upper hips and hip rotators, keeping hips stable as your pelvis expands and loosens in pregnancy.2.

Third-trimester tip: Hold on to the back of a chair for balance.4. Second- and third-trimester tip: Use pillows to support your back as your pregnancy progresses.5.

Triceps Overhead Extensions: Sit back in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, knees bent and upper back touching the chair back. Bicep Curls: Sit close to the edge of a chair, knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

"A gas station attendant told me I was having a girl because my face looked smiley," recalls literature professor Talia Schaffer, whose first baby, born in May, was indeed a girl.

"He said with a boy, the mother's face looked tired!Straighten legs to starting position, squeezing buttocks at the top of the lift to bring your hips back under your shoulders.Strengthens all lower-body muscles, tones thighs and buttocks.They're as old as pregnancy itself, these boy-or-girl prognostications, and nurses and midwives have heard them all over the years. If the "ring trick" results in a pendulum-like swing, it means a boy. Science -- in the form of modern imaging technology -- is far more reliable at predicting baby's sex, but even ultrasound can't always boast 100% accuracy.Here are a few of the most common -- and the strangest -- old wives' tales: In fact, many of the traditional tales about how to predict your baby's sex seem to flip-flop depending on who's doing the telling. Whether your ultrasound gets it right depends on a lot of factors, including how far along you are in pregnancy, the quality of the equipment, and most important, cooperation from the baby.And heck -- it's fun to play around with this stuff!

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