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Jackie Hubschman and Oyle Harrison met in 2010 through mutual friends while hanging out at Friends on Ponce during its Speakeasy Sunday.“I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and was having a bad week.I thought he was really cute for a gay man,” Hubschman recalls.“I thought she was very cute. The two met again a few weeks later at Mary’s and Harrison offered to buy her a shot.“He recognized me from the time before and did in fact mention that I was wearing skinny black suspenders at Friends that night we met.

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Super make a choice to wear ridiculous shoes and then complain about it all night. They have difficulty distinguishing between "appropriate" and "are-you-kidding-me-you-look-like-a-stripper." They have fake nails and can rip your uterus into ribbons and give you a nasty infection if they're inexperienced. And they are scary motherfuckers if you piss them off. They will cuddle your head against their breasts if you're sad. For Harrison, who medically transitioned May 8, 2006, dating as a trans man is easier because he is comfortable with himself.“I was super quiet before, and shy.I would let people take advantage of me ― not in good ways. As an out trans man, Harrison says he hopes people are open-minded if they want to have a sexual relationship with him.My life changes every time I visit other countries and experience other cultures. I love to smile, laugh, and make peoples day brighter whenever I can. I like camping and being outside, just relaxing in the fresh air and getting away from the stress of everything - sleeping in a tent, cooking over an open fire, there's nothing like it. Also I absolutely love sports, especially soccer because I've been playing all my life, but any sport really I love to play or watch.I like to think I'm pretty down to earth, though I have my moments where I'm up in the clouds. I'm super artsy, I sing and play ukulele and i write songs but i never finish them.and well, i had no idea how in the WORLD to change a tire- but my friends g/f was like "oh yeah no problem i can do that in like 10 min." it was pretty funny.

the two femme women just sat back and cheered on for our super dyke hero.i know what you mean cause my family hates othergays and they have this habbit of doing thing that is wierd to me and saing wierd things to me but i know better if i can find me an hereo i would be alot happier. I love watching movies and loves to do movie marathon in my spare day.It made me a little shy and interested at the same time,” Hubschman says. And Hubschman told him she is attracted to gay men.So they shared a few drinks on the back deck of the gay East Atlanta bar and Hubschman asked him, “What do you want from me? “But they usually don’t buy me drinks and remember what I was wearing the first time we met,” she says.“I said, ‘Well, girls like you don’t normally like boys like me,’” Harrison says.“Attractive and nice? I know exactly what to do with boys like you,” she says she told him.He doesn’t want to be viewed as a “token” or “fetish.” While he doesn’t speak for all trans people, Harrison says there are common insights.“First, people need to understand that being trans or having transgender experience has nothing to do with sexuality,” he says.

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