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When you start orthodontic treatment here in our Memphis office, Dr.Fagala and our assistants will go over how to properly care for your teeth with braces.

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White spots on the teeth can be caused by nutrition, genetics, or from excessive intake of fluoride (a condition called fluorosis).

There is sometimes very little one can do to avoid these types of white spots.

However, good oral hygiene and a healthy diet are the most predictable ways to avoid white spots.

Invisalign Pembroke Pines There is a mouth wash call Phos-Flur by Colgate that should dispose of a rate of them. In the event that they were similar to that when your teeth came in, then its conceivable that they are from ingesting an excessive amount of fluoride as a kid (while the grown-up teeth were all the while being created), these white spots are called fluorosis.

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Invisalign clear braces are completely invisible, removable, and treatment can be completed in as little as a few weeks. Simply begin brushign better and you won't get any longer, and wont get pits there.We will offer additional training and counseling with both patients and parents on proper brushing techniques, or if we continue to see no improvement, we will remove the orthodontic wires completely and advise a routine of brushing three times a day and/or additional dental cleanings as necessary to prevent the white spots from growing.Lastly, a new technique called Icon resin infiltration will stop the progression of white spots and even improve the white spots to a certain degree.I'm looking for answers to get rid of them when my braces come off..I know I'm going to have white mark I'm just very worried that im going to get them..Ultimately, there is no easy way to determine if you or your child will get white spots on your teeth after braces, but we do know that proper care and maintenance of your braces will lead to a beautiful, healthy smile.