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My mother, Madhavi , was a software engineer when I was young.She recently worked as an elementary school teacher until she came to India with me.

I immediately thought this would be super cool to do with Telugu songs. I wanted it to all sound like one song that you can listen to while driving.

I also currently learn Carnatic vocal music from Sreenidhi Venkatesh.

My first film song was in Kannada and released in 2015 - Barbie Dolly from the movie Red Alert, music by Ravivarma. Anup Rubens encouraged me and gave me this opportunity.

I recorded a video, posted it on You Tube as my audition and didn’t hear back until a year later.

In 2013, I got selected for their first ever US series.

I had previously done a web series episode with him called Coffee Shop Love Stories (Episode 4).

A fan of his vision and direction, I immediately asked him to direct our video.HYDERABAD: Although we have triumphantly entered 2017 and have fancied three back to back most anticipated releases, we are still in the hangover of the songs from the previous year.Making us revisit those crazy, euphonious, lyrical beauties is Manisha Eerabathini, from the melting pot of cultures.He did the music for Niharika Konidela’s popular web series, Muddapappu Avvakai.“I went to director, Harish Nagaraj, a short film director in the industry.It essentially changed my life - if it weren’t for Padutha Theeyaga, I wouldn’t be here in India.