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Maxi features a unique Air Dry Layer™ which allows air, not fluid, circulate.This helps to promote better skin integrity for the user, the new and improved cloth-like covering also improves comfort.

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Novel treatments for cancer depend on the ability to modulate aberrant cellular pathways and effectively deliver therapeutics to the tumor.

SRI is using cell-targeting peptides to deliver active therapeutic cargo to specific cells in vivo.

Gamer “citizen scientists” are helping to improve reliability of mission-critical U. software systems through Binary Fission, an online game developed by SRI and partners at University of California, Santa Cruz.

I wanted to try something different for my dog actually.

She had a very serious spinal injury, which left her incontinent. Some were far too wide for her to wear but it was worth a shot.

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TNA Flix is a well known site, run by the same people who brought you Image FAP and Movie FAP.Categories are the usual options, such as creampie, brunette and even a section for HD porn.Channels are worth a look and although there aren't many at the moment, we're sure new ones will be added in the future.The pad section can be released and refastened at any point, without having to re-adjust the whole product.This means it is the ideal product for when normal toilet use is a possibility.The waist is elasticated for a snug, body-close fit.