Tips on interracial dating

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Block any member who behaves in a harassing or offensive manner and report the behavior to the Dating Site. Use separate e-mail and IM accounts for online dating.Regardless of the ethnic groups involved in interracial marriages, one result of these unions are children.

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To ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience: Guard your identity.

Remain anonymous until you feel safe and ready to explore other options. When you are ready, move to phone conversations providing only your first name and cell phone number.

Don't include your real name or city of residence within your email address, username or interracial personals profile. Don't let anyone rush you into meeting or giving out more information than you want to share. It will get attention, but not the type you'd like. If something doesn't feel right, or you feel threatened, immediately end all contact with the person.

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According to the Census Bureau, the number of interracial marriages rose from 300,000 in 1970 to 1.2 million in 1990.

Commonly cited problems interracial children deal with revolve around racism and identity confusion (Rosenblatt, Karis & Powell, 1995). The level of hatred interracial children encounter may surpass what people of color are already subjected to.

Parents can help their children by being open regarding this reality.

Given that one outcome of these unions is interracial children, races are increasingly blending.

As it becomes more difficult to stick people into categories, judging people according to labels and stereotypes becomes more difficult.

In age appropriate terms, children can be educated about the ignorance that exists in our world.

This preparation can help minimize the damage caused by hurtful words and behavior.

Don't force your partner to try something or be critical when he or she wants you to try something new. You may not always understand something your partner says or does.

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