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Trust dating websites - play funny dating games

However, research suggests that while slight misrepresentations on online dating sites are quite common, major lies are actually rare.

Despite that, most online lies, like most offline lies, are subtle, representing people’s attempts to portray themselves in the best possible light, with slight exaggerations (Zimbler & Feldman, 2011).

In one study asking undergraduates to communicate with a stranger in a lab for 15 minutes, it was found that the students were more likely to misrepresent themselves online than face-to-face (Zimbler & Feldman, 2011).

But these researchers defined misrepresentation quite broadly, where subjects reviewing transcripts of their conversations were encouraged to label their statements as false if the statements could be perceived as inaccurate or if the subjects weren’t sure if they were accurate.

Online daters tend to be most honest about their relationship history, religious and political beliefs, education—and hair and eye color (Toma et al., 2008). Social networking sites like Facebook also provide a major source of online interactions with others. Back and colleagues (2010) compared people’s real personalities with the personas they projected online, asking subjects to rate both their own personality and their "ideal" personality.

Their offline close friends also rated their personality.

This means that if you meet people via Facebook, you’re likely to be getting a relatively accurate impression of their overall personality. Some people are more prone to deceptive behavior online than others, such as those high in sensation-seeking, and those who show addictive behavior toward the Internet (Lu, 2008).

Sensation-seekers are also more likely to be dishonest offline.

Third, constant communication is established and the dating is made possible without having to spend money.

There are heavy investments in talks to get to know the person.

These ratings were then compared to personality ratings made by strangers who only viewed the subjects' Facebook pages.

Strangers’ perceptions, based on the Facebook pages, showed a greater correspondence with the actual than ideal personality ratings, suggesting that Facebook profiles reflect actual and not idealized selves.

This perception is fueled by sensationalistic cases like the Craigslist Killer and the false identities created by subjects on MTV’s . To address the first issue, there are many ways to meet people online—dating sites, chat rooms or forums, or social networking sites.

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