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Acireale is a small but pretty town in Sicily, not too far up the coast from Catania, the nearest big city.This town is known mainly for two things; the legend of the Cyclops, and for having one of the best Carnevale celebrations.

I also heard that five rocks which stick out of the sea in a rough semi-circle are said to be the hand of a submerged giant, although geologists will tell you that this is actually the remnants of one of Sicily’s first volcanic craters – the first bits of Sicily to rise out of the Mediterranean due to a bulge in the tectonic plate here.Things begin to turn around for Kola when she meets an ambitious hustler named Twin who wants her to play wifey as he plays daddy to Parallel Realities Kola and Peaches palace lifestyle in Colombia comes crashing down when the Federales kick in Eduardo's front door.Things begin to turn around for Kola when she meets an ambitious hustler named Twin who wants her to play wifey as he plays daddy to Peaches.This is also where I ate my first horsemeat in Sicily and didn’t realise until much later.It had a strong flavour and is cut thinly because it’s a little tougher than beef.Another short way down the coast is the photogenic Aci Castello, home to an old Norman castle.

I passed through the coastal towns here and visited Acireale for an evening while I was Wwoofing in Sicily, for ‘il piu bel Carnevale di Sicilia’ – the most beautiful carnival on the island.That title comes with expensive shopping sprees and an over bearing dark cloak of possessiveness Soon, both twins will face the same predicament as they hit rock bottom. I was a tad disappointed that the sisters were reduced to a crippling point of weakness and extreme vulnerability. Twin was ruthless Miss Santiago you have done it again.Will they come out on top against all odds or will their sibling rivalry stand in the way as their paths cross unexpectedly. I was so used to them being the top guns in the past books. Damn I wasn't expecting all the twist and turns that we received in the book. Wow Maria and Marisol are so stupid I wish my sister and I would share lol.Nevertheless, keeping up with these twins on the run is never a dull moment. The writing was poor and the storyline was just garbage. I can't believe how Eduaro was living his secret life wth. Wow Apple stepped up and was doing good for herself. The killer is they are dating twins, Kamel & Jamel ( the evil twin who did the unthinkable). Apple reunited with her daughter whom she has'nt seen since birth.As rage, revenge ,love and undiscovered family secrets come into the mix. Damn that drama with Kola, Maria and Marisol was super crazy but I give it to her about being a mother. I so can wait for part 6 to come out I feel like Kola lost her edge, all that time being in Columbia being spoiled dulled her senses. Omg This book was CRAZY..nisa has did it a freaking gain...was so many turns and twist in this book it's crazy...the end will leave you like SERIOUSLY THOUGH!!!!!Once again, Nisa Santiago has left my mouth agape with the ending while awaiting the next book to drop... Avid Leo Reader Well Well Well , I have been waiting for this series to continue for the longest.

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