Twitter not updating timeline

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An generic example of the widget’s code: While all of the configuration settings you made above are stored on the server, you may override specific options on the client side (your website) by customizing the embed code.

"In a purely chronological feed, tweet quality is distributed *randomly,*" he wrote.

Here are a couple of screenshots from a tipster who has been in the test group for several months: You have to look close to see that the tweets are out of order: in this case, a few tweets from nine or ten hours ago show up before one that was posted two hours ago.

But screenshots like these have been floating around for a few months now.

"It's definitely nice in terms of catching up on things I might've missed, but it's a departure from the core idea of Twitter, so overall it complicates things." But both are daily users of the product, and Twitter is in search of product changes that will bring them hundreds of millions of new users.

The analyst Ben Thompson wrote recently that an algorithmic timeline has been one of Facebook's core advantages over Twitter, allowing it continue to grow rapidly as Twitter's growth slowed.

Not by principle, just by math." Rosania concluded: "Someday soon, the tweets you see will be a little more interesting, and the tweets you miss won't be as important. "It tears conversations apart, and it's really confusing when some people have been live-tweeting an event and those things get scattered all across my timeline.

It makes it extremely hard to follow events, and destroys one of the core values of Twitter, in my opinion." Another user, Coady Di Biase, was only slightly more positive.What's really important is how the new timeline works in practice.The algorithm that will re-order your timeline is based on the one that ranks tweets for the "while you were away" feature that Twitter introduced a year ago.However, the old, two part code for doing so: You will arrive at a page similar to the one below (click to enlarge): From this panel it is possible to customize your embedded timeline (e.g, specify feed(s), light or dark visual design scheme, link color, widget height, etc.).The number of visual customizations allowed through this panel are limited, however, and in all likelihood the timeline’s default appearance will not match your site or your prior implementation."If you miss any tweets, *any at all,* there will be just as much good stuff in there as there is in what you actually see.