Updating nuvi 350

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Updating nuvi 350 - seroquel too sedating for bipolar

I guess the bottleneck is 2 GB MMC cards coming down to $40. Very rarely do you get usability related comments in product reviews…

If you are a PRO at using Google and take ad VANTAGE of it, you will find one. In the UK, they seem to be the ipod of the gps product world - renowned for simplicity and usable design…anyone able to comment on their usability? Pre-empting a showroom side-by-side - Jason, does the Garmin have broadly similar map visualisation as Tom Tom? The Garmin 3-D view is wonderful and the screen is way better in sunlight — you can barely read the Tom Tom in sunlight (reviews on Amazon will confirm this).

I think readers have a right to know whether they are getting an independent point of view or a commercial. I’m waiting for a neat GPS app for my S60 phone instead of a GPS product.

It’s the Amazon affiliate program used by tens (hundreds? I wrote an independent review and linked to the page on Amazon with our affiliate code. You spend a lot less and can take advantage of the fast upgrade cycles.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so satisfied with an electronic purchase.

It turned out to be nothing more then a electric razor shell with an electric buzzer of some sort in it.

You can normally add some text to the cmt tag and it’ll appear on the waypoint description screen. The lack of track logging is another concern of mine with the nuvi. Ok, not as cool a package as the nuvi, but a great value and great features. I downloaded Poi to get french radars positions and it works fine :-) Warning: Do not try to load more than 500 waypoints to your Nvi. I did it with my (absolutely great) Nvi 300, then my dealer tried it and than the Dutch distributer tried it. Beside this “minor” glich (for me it is major because I need more than 500 waypoints), it’s absolutely great.

I added a few lines of text, and after disconnecting the device from my laptop, the problem started. I have problem with my NUVI 350, I’m trying to simulate driving route in either Canada or Hawaii. Yes, I realize it’s not intended as an “outdoors” device, but for example, I’d like to use it to record a route while in my car, and then be able to play back the route on my bicycle. erik Yeah, it seems like the waypoint handling of the Nuvi is fairly suspect. I’m located in Jersey right across the Hudson from New York (I’m looking out my window right now at downtown NYC). So, before dropping 0.00 on something the size of a deck of cards I did some research. I work in law enforcement and I have to travel all over NYC and a few areas of Jersey.

i guess it goes hand in hand with the saying a sucker born every minute and two to take him. I appreciate many of the posts especially those that touch on design issues.

I wholly understand 37signals using the blog to promote their “for profit” products and services.

My problem with these things is the cord situation. I have cords into my cigarette lighter and stereo for various things like my i Pod, and I get quickly overwhelmed with cord management.

If you’re in the market for a mobile nav system for your car, bike, motocycle, or just for exploring a new city on foot without getting lost, you simply can’t go wrong with the Garmin Nuvi 350.

I have never used GPS before and was using the web to help with my buying decision…first point speak to someone who knows (thanks to GPS Warehouse in SW London). Excellent quality and reliability…how can something so small do so much so well. Tom Tom have nice, pocketable, battery powered gps unit that uses a bluetooth phone for it’s display…the ideal cycling/walking companion I think. In fact, I suggest you read the reviews on Amazon for both the Garmin Nuvi 350 and the Tom Tom 700 — they’re pretty spot on.

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