Updating pantone

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Pantone Plus includes the PMS colors, replacing the earlier Pantone Matching System®.Adobe Illustrator has three types of color swatches: process, global, and spot.

Unlike process and global color swatches, spot color swatches preserve the definition and color modes (CMYK, RGB, LAB, Grayscale, HSB, or Web Safe RGB) in which they are created.The PANTONE PLUS Series is an enhancement to the PANTONE Matching System and retains all of the previously existing PANTONE Matching System colors.To obtain the new libraries, download the installer for your operating system from the PANTONE website: In Illustrator CS5 and earlier versions, which included the older versions of the Pantone color books, most spot colors from Pantone had two definitions: Lab and CMYK.In addition, the default setting in the Spot Color Options dialog box was CMYK. The spot color added to the document usually came with CMYK values.Read the information provided on that download page.

For more information, download the PANTONE PLUS Color Library Technical Notes from the same page.Pantone Plus modernize the way Adobe applications use spot colors from color book manufacturers.Adobe Illustrator, along with In Design and Photoshop, uses the Pantone Plus Series® of color books.If you need the same spot colors to be identical in CS5 (and earlier) and CS6/CC, take the following steps, see Workaround 1: Replace Pantone Plus with older Pantone color books.This workaround makes the Pantone spot color uniform across different versions of Illustrator. Spot color definitions are preserved along with their original definitions.The Pantone Plus Series® in Illustrator includes ten libraries: Before CS2, spot colors from Pantone and other systems used CMYK values as the color definitions. Pantone color books, introduced in CS2, use Lab values as the color definitions.