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Jane, worried about how to handle herself in this new situation, fakes her orgasm rather than be honest with Michael about being unsure.The situation unspools from there, with some wacky TV show flare-ups, like Jane accidentally sending her adviser a sex tape.

It manages to both honor the enormity of what Jane was finally getting to do without suggesting that losing her virginity is her be-all, end-all — and all while maintaining the show’s signature self-aware streak.I mean, the series is called Until “Chapter Forty-Seven.” This episode — directed by Eva Longoria! This was the episode in which Jane was set to lose her virginity, rendering both her past identity and the show’s title moot.The buildup — again, for both Jane and the series — was so intense up to this point that there were very few good options.As Jane’s life became a melodramatic tangle of complications to rival her favorite telenovelas, her virginity remained one of the only real consistencies in her life.It was always, for better and for worse, a huge part of her identity — and the same held true for the show.The show also made sure to treat the aftermath of Jane’s first time with sincere empathy.

Jane and Michael (Brett Dier) weren’t strangers to each other’s bodies, but they’d never had this kind of sex before, and so it was bound to include some mixed signals.

He’s disappointed, but the reason why Jane wanted to have her first time with him — not to mention spend her life with him — becomes apparent once Michael doubles down on trying to make her feel comfortable enough so that she doesn’t have to lie to him about her enjoyment.

So they try again — and this time, the animation goes on for twice as long, with both of Jane and Michael’s avatars whooping with joy.

Did the show make a huge deal out of it, seeing as it was such a huge milestone in Jane’s life?

Or did it attempt to downplay the event in hopes that being more casual about it could temper the incredibly high expectations?

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