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Mouawiya's home city has been ravaged by street fighting, shelling and barrel bombing. Now a young man, fighting on the frontline for the Free Syrian Army, Mouawiya admits that had he known what the consequences of his actions would be, he would never have taunted the country's president, Bashar al-Assad.

The evacuations are the result of intense negotiations between Russia — the main supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — and Turkey, which backs some large rebel groups.The continuous besieging of their town is not included in the cessation of hostilities under the Russian – US brokered deal.In the image above a Syrian lady called Jameela carrying her 3 months baby whom she cannot see anymore in her entire life because she lost her eye sight due to terrorists shelling of her city.Syrian journalist Hadi Al-Abdallah and the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) president Dr Ahmad Tarakji shared photos of a smiling Bana, saying she was among thousands of people taken to the countryside outside Aleppo.Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also retweeted messages saying she had been evacuated from the city, but the ABC cannot independently verify her whereabouts.In a video posted online by Al-Abdallah, Bana, speaking in Arabic, talks about the destruction of her home, saying her family got out from the rubble safely.

She said the evacuation was difficult and they had no food but did have water.

Jameela will live blind the rest of her life and we can see she’s still so young.

Her crime is simply: not joining the NATO sponsored ‘revolution’ aka ‘Regime Change’ in her country.

Bana's account has not been updated since the reports of her evacuation surfaced, but her latest post — written by her mother Fatemah — pleaded for help from Mr Cavusoglu.

Bana has been actively tweeting from the warzone with the help of her mother, giving a human face to the everyday reality of life in Aleppo.

Other buses departed with the sick and wounded from two rebel-besieged Shiite villages in the country's north."Including 4,500 people in east Aleppo since midnight [on Monday], 12,000 civilians in total were evacuated so far to the area under control of opposition," Mr Cavusoglu tweeted.

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