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From the opening scene, Murphy riding into town on horseback, the show nods its peaked caps to classic Western and gangster movies.

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"It's a way to keep my foot in the door and hang out with musicians ….

Now we're meeting, many months later, to discuss the six-part BBC2 show.

"The title made no sense to me whatsoever," – us neither, Cillian – "but [the scripts] were so compelling and confident, and the character was so rich and complex, layered and contradictory.

He deflects the credit: "That's what Chris Nolan did.

Those comic book worlds – he dragged them back down to reality, gave the characters real issues." But even as a fan, on the subject of reinvented super-heroes, Murphy is lightly sardonic: "I'm afraid now, we must be running out.

He adds that, in theatre, you get to act with your body, whereas "film acting is a lot about the eyes". well, no more ink need be spilled on those famous baby-blues; there are whole websites devoted to that sort of thing, and dwelling risks descent into swoony incoherence ....

Back to the movies: coming up are Ron Howard's , the directorial debut of cinematographer Wally Pfister.The name is one a real gang went by, sewing razor blades into their caps – all the better to slash your foes with – and the drama is based on accounts from Brummie screenwriter Steven Knight's extended family.Making his television debut too (after scripting the films ), Knight puts his home town on the small screen with élan."Ambiguity is the thing that appeals to me."As he crosses television, theatre and film, each "informs" the other, he observes.Murphy talks warmly of the "vitality" of live theatre, although he confesses that was also exhausting: "I was a broke man by the end of it, I was. " He slips into dialect; hailing from Cork, Murphy still considers himself Irish, despite having lived in London for over a decade with his wife, Yvonne, an artist, and now their two sons.He often plays the bad guy, although rarely your straightforward villain.

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