Wpf progressbar value not updating

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I'm still learning WPF and this might be silly way to proceed, i'm looking for a quick and dirty way to get the work done but feel free to tell me what I should redesign for a cleaner application. In Executor cs : public void Run Executor() private void exec Background_Do Work(object sender, Do Work Event Args e) private void exec Background_Run Worker Completed(object sender, Run Worker Completed Event Args e) private void exec Background_Progress Changed(object sender, Progress Changed Event Args e) // TESTING private void update Progress Bar(int i) public delegate void callback_update Progress Bar(int i); public void Run() private void background Worker Remote Process_Do Work(object sender, Do Work Event Args e) private void background Worker Remote Process_Run Worker Completed(object sender, Run Worker Completed Event Args e) private void background Worker Remote Process_Progress Changed(object sender, Progress Changed Event Args e) @Teoman Soygul : I did it using Visio. If you really need to have the ultimate control on the background threads & main (UI) thread updates, here is a fantastic tutorial on that: found a really simple solution to create a thread to run any block of code as well as handle Invocation back to the main thread to change the control's properties. NET 4.5 and the lambda call on the Dispatcher could be adapted to work with earlier versions of . The main benefit is it's just so blissfully simple and perfect when you just need a quick thread for some really basic bit of [email protected] Holterman : True, I can edit with the Do Work code and other function, I didn't think it was relevant to the topic though, that's why I didnt put [email protected] : Yes I've tried it following this tutorial : com/b/csharpfaq/archive/2004/03/17/91685. So presuming you have a progress bar somewhere on your dialog in scope do this: You also need to ensure you have a reference to Windows If you want a more reusable snippet of code running as the thread start you could use a method as the delegate but I find the inline lambda so easy for simple tasks and you don't need to deal with events as with the Background Worker approaches.

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The above example illustrates how simple it is to use a Progress Bar, but normally you would of course want to show the progress of some actual work and not just a static value.The Set Property Method: On the dialog that I display I see the long grey bar at the bottom, but it never fills up.I even tried adding a loop from 1 to 100 right after the window is shown and updating the Percent by one to see if maybe it was because of a Closure that was causing this and it still didn't update.This will render the Text Block on top of the Progress Bar, which is exactly what we want here, because the Text Block has a transparent background by default.We use a binding to make sure that the Text Block show the same value as the Progress Bar.For some tasks, expressing the progress as a percentage is not possible or you simply don't know how long it will take.

For those situations, the indeterminate progress bar has been invented, where an animation lets the user know that something is happening, while indicating that the running time can't be determined.

Here's the same example as above, but this time using a Background Worker: As you can see on the screenshot, the progress is now updated all the way through the task, and as the cursor indicates, no hard work is being performed on the UI thread, which means that you can still interact with the rest of the interface.

Please be aware that while the Background Worker does help a lot with multithreading related problems, there are still some things you should be aware of, so please have a look at the Background Worker articles in this tutorial before doing anything more advanced than a scenario like the one above.

For instance, if you loop through a collected list of files while checking each of them, you can set the Minimum property to 0, the Maximum to the amount of files in your list, and then just increment as you loop through it.

The Progress Bar is, just like other standard WPF controls, rendered to match the visual style of the operating system.

I have also tried setting the value explicitly and nothing.

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