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The sexual world is amazing, from the anatomy that makes us male and female, and somethimes inbetween, to the diverse worlds of the plant and animal kingdoms.

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Amidst religious protestors, natural disasters, roach-infested motels, and hordes of screaming audience members, Trew air-fucks his way across North America. Gosh, it’s 2017 now and we have so many things to talk about. Semi-Finalists from all over America came and came, and in front of a capacity crowd…

And at the tour’s climatic end, a handful of the nation’s best finalists head to New Orleans and place their pelvic fortitude on the line to compete for the trophy in the National Championships.

AIR SEX: THE MOVIE now available for download/streaming on VHX, Vimeo, & You Tube and on DVD! Cinekink called it a “raunchy, raucous, and sometimes moving documentary,” and with an all-original soundtrack by New Orleans’ Michael Felton, it’s more like a nonstop rollercoaster for your eyes, a party for your ears, and a mysterious lollipop for your brain.

Part tour documentary, part comedy special, part exploration of modern sexuality, Air Sex: The Movie follows comedian Chris Trew as he tours North America hosting the raunchy, hilarious, sex-positive social phenomenon known as The Air Sex World Championships. Original soundtrack for Air Sex: The Movie available on i Tunes, CD Baby, Amazon, everywhere else, and at a live show near you! We had one hell of a blowout Air Sex Finals show at the Mohawk in Austin, TX.

The company manufactures 200 millions condoms per year. Sat The world's biggest condom was created by the Guilin Latex Company in 2003, to mark the United Nations World Population Day.

Printed with the message of "Control population growth, pay attention to sexual health, prevent AIDS, it was 80 meters high (262 feet) with a circumference of 100m (328), and colour bright yellow. The pubic hair of women is usually shorter than that of men, [..] In a series of 100 women attended during confinement in London and the north of England I have only once (in a rather blonde Lancashire woman) found the hair on labia reaching a conspicuous length of several inches and forming an obstruction to the manipulations involved in delivery. James, the pen name of Erika Leonard, it is an erotic romance that follows the relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey.

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    Clovis peoples with their remarkably sophisticated hunting technology were seen as the first pioneers, highly mobile hunters who walked to North America via the Bering Land Bridge.