Xp network connection not updating

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Windows XP periodically checks for new available networks.

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Now click on the Wireless Networks tab and select the network in the list at the bottom.In the Wireless Network Connection properties window, do you see a "Wireless Networks" tab?If not, your Wi-Fi network adapter lacks so-called Windows Zero Configuration (WZC) support, and the built-in Windows XP automatic wireless configuration feature will remain unavailable to you.By default, Windows XP attempts to connect to wireless networks in the following order: In Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2), each network (even Preferred networks) can be configured individually to bypass automatic configuration.To enable or disable automatic configuration on a per-network basis, respectively check or uncheck the "Connect when this network is within range" checkbox within that network's Connection properties.After about 30 minutes of fiddling around with various settings, I was able to figure out what the problem was.

Here’s how to connect to your wireless router if you are getting this message.

This feature helps you to make wireless Internet / Wi-Fi network connections more easily with laptop computers and is highly recommended for those who roam between multiple locations.

Not all Windows XP computers with Wi-Fi wireless support are capable of automatic wireless configuration.

The Wireless Networks tab allows you to access the set of "Available" networks.

Available networks represent those active networks currently detected by Windows XP.

I recently bought a new Linksys wireless router and after setting it up with basic WEP security, I tried to logon from my laptop and was successful! So then I tried to connect from my desktop computer that has a wireless USB adapter attached to it and I ended up getting this error message: Fabulous! I checked my settings on the wireless router to make sure I didn’t accidentally setup certificate security, but found no such thing.

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