Zircon fission track dating

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(here) 9) The Detrital page directs you to detrital work, and lab procedures. (here) 10) Our RATES for zircon fission track analysis This multi-year research effort is focused on the provenance and thermal evolution of Campanian-Paleocene flysch of the Chugach-Prince William (CPW) terrane in southern Alaska.

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The annealing kinetics of fission tracks in zircon are less well known than for apatite, but recent experimental annealing studies have shown that the kinetics in the two minerals are of the same general form.

Sampling sandstones of the Upper Cretaceous Shumagin Formation, Nagai Island, Alaska A major avenue of our research involves using μ-Raman to measure and evaluate reduction of zircon crystallinity due to accumulated radiation defects.

Much of this work has been directly related to student and faculty research.

Together, these data yield important constraints on the accretion and translation history of the CPW and has implications for the history of flanking basins such as the hydrocarbon-rich Cook Inlet basin..

Details of the our multi-year effort in southern Alaska is at this web page.

Combined with uncertainty over the exact form of the annealing kinetics, detailed thermal history modelling of ZFTA data is not, as yet, possible.

ZFTA can be applied to sediments in which the vitrinite reflectance is very high ( 6%) to determine the timing of cooling from a high temperature event.A significant fraction of our work involves understanding radiation damage in zircon, and much of this work is done with Raman Spectroscopy. 1) Research results and PDFs from the Union College FT lab (see list below) 2) Fission-track theses completed at Union College. In conjunction with AFTA and a vertical vitrinite reflectance profile, ZFTA may provide unique information on the timing of high temperature events due to igneous activity, elevated heat flow or deep burial.Due to the high thermal stability of tracks in zircon, ZFTA can also be used as a simple dating tool in stratigraphic applications where conventional radiometric techniques are inadequate.Our research in South Island, New Zealand, has shown that the onset of significant fission track age reduction in zircon correlates with VR values of ~6%, while total annealing is equivalent to ~8% Romax or higher (see Figure), implying temperatures of around 300C (i.e. Thermal history applications of ZFTA are currently limited to the evaluation of fission track age data.

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